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Research Software

This part contains links to some research software.


More recently developed software can be found at


Older JKU software is available at


For IsaSAT, please refer to

Teaching Software

This part contain links to some tools that have developed by students for teaching purposes.


This D-Algorithm project was developed by Benny Wennberg as part of his bachelor project. It is a tool to visualize the D-Algorithm by Roth to find suitable tests for stuck at faults in digital circuits.

GRS Bits

This grs-bits project (in German) was developed by Robin Tr√ľby as part of his bachelor thesis. It is a tool to visualize how GRS bits work (used in arithmetic circuits to calculate floating-point results with enough precision without increasing the size of the circuits too much).


This developed by Maximilian Heisinger is a simple tool for checking satisfiability respectively tautology on arbitrary structural formulas, and not just satisfiability for formulas. It has a more user friendly input format than CNF and is a perfect supplement for an introductory course in logic.