Chair of Computer Architecture

University of Freiburg

Seminar Automated Reasoning and Machine Learning Winter Semester 2023 / 2024

In this Seminar we will discuss case-studies and recent technical developments of Machine learning in the field of Automated Reasoning, such as SAT solving. Knowledge of SAT solving is not required for this lecture.

This lecture will hapen Tuesdays from 17:30 to 19:30 (for the first session and at the end of the semester for the presentations in the building 51, R 00 026). More details to come.

In this course are involved (at least) Prof Dr. Armin Biere, Dr. Mathias Fleury, Bernhard Gstrein, Alexander Konrad, Prof Dr. Christoph Scholl, and Tobias Seufert to help student to give good and interesting presentation: you will have two or three individual meetings for that.

This lecture will be in English (even if at one point the HisInOne mentions german).

You find the proposal for topics / papers on our Nextcloud available through ILIAS.