Chair of Computer Architecture

University of Freiburg

Missing Semester

This course will be hold by Tobias Faller, Dr. Mathias Fleury, Bernhard Gstrein, Tobias Paxian, and Tobias Seufert.

This course is oriented to the MIT/SAI “Missing Semester” and presents many useful tools. None of these tools requires a separate course, but each is useful, especially for manipulating text (e.g., log files, automating and evaluating experiments, …). This course covers the following topics, among others:

The number of participants is limited (as we run the course for the first time) and HisInOne is taking care of it. We assume that master students already know most of the content, but they can attend too.


Newest first


Temptative Planning

This is the first time we are giving this course. Here is the temptative planning for the lecture.

Week 1 to 5: Linux and Git (from the GUI down to the terminal)

Week Themes Exercises during the lecture
16. Oct. Introduction  
  Light intro to markdown + git  
  Github + TF account  
  Linux MANDATORY-EXERCISE At home and mandatory
23. Oct ~linux Exercises~ Removed Every day
  Emacs + LSP + treesitter  
30. Oct. (Public holiday) Every day
6. Nov Terminal part 2 Every day
  TF account for ssh / how much printing left / ..  
SLACK fzf for fast jumping, emails, mr?  
13. Nov Git (hooks, CI, …) Every day if you want to try
  Git exercises CRITICAL-EXERCISE the explanations directly

Week 6 to 11: Automation

Week Themes Exercises during the lecture
20. Nov vim (also mention kakoun / helix: dw vs wd) Every day
  vim exercises  
27. Nov Automation 1 with Bash Every day if you want to try directly
4. Dec Automation 2 with Python Every day if you want to try directly
11. Dec VSCode (including plugins, remote) TODO
  + exercises  
18. Dec redo some of the VSCode exercises in another editor TODO
  And the other way around: vim plugin in VSCode (?)  
8. Jan Plots (jupyper notebook) TODO

Week 12 to 15: High level again

Week Themes Exercises during the lecture
15. Jan LaTeX TODO
22. Jan LaTeX TODO
29. Jan LLMs TODO
3. Feb Feedback + project TODO


The course will be composed of two parts: the studienleistung (the weekly exercises) and the prüfungsleistung (a project at the end that will have to cover several themes, with a deadline one week after the end of the course, probably around the 10. of February). More details will be given later.